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    Muhammad (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) before his death, left not only this Deen for us to follow but also the leaders who carried his Legacy to all dark corners and bends. Among them were the jubilan...

    Illume's Approach

    In ILLUME, we believe all can be achieved with the help of Allaah by designing an apt curriculum. Th...

    Illume's Method

    After extensive research and under the guidance of scholars, we have formulated a 3 - step method to...

    Illume's Outcome

    Taking full advantage of these Focused Workshops, TACT REAL teaching method, and the Youth oriented approach, when you finish all the courses in IlLuMe… Insha Allaah you are going to be a

    1. Good Muslim
    2. Decisive thinker
    3. Sound Character
    4. A Leader

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