Islaamic Ethics 24x7

Imagine yourself walking on the street, when suddenly some bad smelling garbage is thrown over your head from the building next to you - how would you react? Would you shout and blast the one who threw the rubbish? Or would you control your anger and give a thought as to "why have they done this?" Your reaction is based on your Manners...

Tracing back into history, something similar happened to our beloved Prophet (sallallahu alayhiwassallam). An old lady, due to her dislike of our Prophet and Islaam, used to throw rubbish over Muhammad every single day when he passed her house. He never got angry. One day there was no trash thrown, so he enquired about the lady and learnt that she was sick. Do you know what The Man of Mercy did? He visited her and enquired about her health! Who could resist such an emotion? Subhanallaah, she embraced Islaam! We clearly see that Manners were on high!

Returning to the present, when you go out of this workshop, we hope you would be one who controls his/her anger, bi-ithnillaah. Why don't you give yourself a chance?

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who wants to adorn themselves with beautiful Manners
  • Sons and daughters who want to be good to their parents
  • Youth who want to learn how to deal with opposite sex
  • All those who want to engage themselves with Islaam 24 x 7!

What you would get?

  • Well organized presentation
  • Different experience of learning
  • Course Handout
  • Colourful Action Advice
  • Etiquette Guide
  • Self Introspection Session to assess your Manners
  • Access to online forums
  • Credit Points

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Each Muslim is an ambassador of Islaam. I never knew that this simple thing make changes not only oneself but also changes the whole community – Shajarathul Jennah, Student

It is like a prescription given by a Doctor (Br.Umar Shariff) for curing the illness of heart – S.G.Mohammed Hussain, Professional

Insha Allaah, it will change all my activist behind, is against Islaam and it makes me pious Muslim – Z.Ziaullah, Student

This workshop made me more inclined to Qur'aan & Sunnah practically – Abdus Sami, Professional

Insha Allaah, this workshop should make a conscious attempt to say du'aas and make every act an ibaadah and follow set of the ethics – Zeba Farzeen, Dental Student

Insha Allaah, this workshop will make my daily activities into ibaadah – Nadia Kaunein, Student

I have been attending the workshops of Illume Academy right from the beginning. Yes, of course it has made changes in my life in many ways – M.G.Tajunnissa, Teacher

This workshop brings a great impact in my life. I'm proud to be a Muslim; it brought me a feel that I'm an ambassador from today – Kulsoom, Teacher

Insha Allaah, I will follow the ethics, and I will also teach my friends and relatives about this – G.R.Abinaya, Student

Alhamdulillaah, it thought us how to implement the ethics and I am going to wear hijab in college all the time after hearing to the speech of hijab – A. Thahseen, Student

Testimonials on "Go Back Come Back"

Maasha Allaah when I go back to the Prophet's time, by Allaah I cried when I went back – L.Mifathahul Haq, Student

Go Back Come Back exercise is unique. Sometimes we felt we need the whole story. Helps to advertise Seerah course as next one – Mohammed Riyazuddin, Professional


Workshop Rules and Regulations