Fiqh Time Machine

Ever been in a situation where someone tells you that the Laws of Islam are from the stone age? Have you heard people saying,'How can you follow something that was revealed 1400 years ago to a group of Bedouins? Get ready  to stand up and refute this myth?

Fasten your seat belts to travel back in time - a journey along the crests and troughs of Fiqh, from the time of the Prophet(s) till today. Examine the issues that cropped up in the times of the righteous caliphs and understand the power of ijma and qiyas.

Peep into the lives of the great Aimmah and appreciate their monumental sacrifices in preserving the deen.
Get out of the quicksand of confusion and de-mystify the mystery of Mad'habs. Allow the warning bells of taqleed to ring in your ear and protect yourself from the two extremes.

Learn how to live with 'valid difference of opinion' and re-ignite the spark of unity.

Workshop Rules and Regulations