ATTITUDE, Islamically

Combating Modern Aqeedah Mistakes

There was something Ibrahim (peace be upon him) feared, for him and his family

There was something Yaqub (peace be upon him) feared, for him and his family

There was something Muhammad (peace be upon him) feared for him and his family

To associate partners with Allah knowingly or unknowingly

Our Prophet taught us to say - "O Allah, we seek refuge in You from associating anything with You unknowingly, and we seek Your forgiveness for what we do unknowingly." (Musnad Ahmad 4/403; Al-Albani classed it as Saheeh in "Saheeh al-Jaami", 3/233 (#2876))

Shirk, described as an "ant in a moonless night" by our beloved Prophet, can creep into our heart and our actions, without us even knowing it!

This was the main reason our Prophet trained his companions on how to detect Shirk, and how to fix it for 13 years.

In these modern times we live in, Shirk and Kufr wear different masks - limiting our belief in Allaah, provisions and life's possibilities in general.

Let's uncover these masks, and shatter these beliefs in our workshop - Attitude, Modern Aqeedah mistakes on Allah, Destiny and Life.

What will you learn?

  1. To establish a strong foundation in belief, so you can deal with sneaky elements of Shirk and Kufr
  2. Surprising areas where Shirk has crept in - Belief in Allah, Provisions and Mindset
  3. Proof and Facts for you to save yourself and your family

If we do not fear Shirk and Kufr when our Prophets feared it for themselves and their Family, then there's something wrong with us.