From the Leaders Diary - Part 2

The Messenger of Allaah(saw) has been granted a great rank and status by Allaah(swt) which no other human being nor any Prophets or Messengers has attained, for indeed he will be leader of the children of Adam on the Day of Resurrection; everyone will be under his leadership. He has been bestowed the great intercession from which the Messengers of strong will excuse themselves and it has been singled out for him by Allaah(swt) and Allaah(swt) has chosen him over the rest of the creation for it.

He has been honored with noble qualities that were not given to any of the Messengers before him and Allaah(swt) made him the guiding light for the whole of humanity! His path is the true path of happiness, peace, and serenity and nobility.

The man of such high caliber anyone can ever think of... how did he balance his stature as the last Prophet and Messenger of Allaah(swt) and being a simple and humble leader, a guide!

How did he manage to execute his responsibilities in such a manner that he is been praised by both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Come to experience his leadership as a great spiritual leader leading the path of Allaah(swt) and at the same time being a tremendous teacher who taught the path of guidance with love, compassion, and concern and learn from his guidance...

From the Leader's Diary-2


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