From Darkness to Light

Aqeedah Basic Course 1.0

The Word!

Do you know the significance of the 'Word'?

  • The Word which caused human genesis and creation of The Universe!!
  • The Word for which more than 124000 human champions, the Prophets were sent!!
  • The Word for which many people were ready to die!!
  • The Word which distinguishes the people of truth from the people of falsehood!!
  • The Word with which many prosperous nations were built!!
  • The Only Word which can unite humanity!!
  • It is not word of the Day, rather the word of yesterday,today and tomorrow!
  • The Word which is Incomparable to any other word!!
  • The word which will begin the Yawmul Qiyyamah!!
  • The word which will be very heavy on the balance (AlMeezan)!!
  • The Word which will decide our final destination!!

The Word is... "Kalimatu Tayyibah" - The Goodly Word  - "La ilaaha illAllaah"

Come learn about the "Word", before it's too late!!