Leap of Faith

A muslims' choice.

A muslim's belief system brings peace and happiness in life. A well balanced belief is key for any successful life in this world and hereafter. The importance of belief is explicit when Allaah made it clear He will not forgive his slavewho dies by associating partners to him.Belief is the fundamental for any action in Islam. Faith in Allaah and six articles of faith makes a person to become a mumin.

Faith leads to actions. Positive belief, in what you believe leads to positive action. Positive action leads to peace in life. Faith in Allaah leads to peace in all what you do.Faith in Allaah leads to tawakkul. Tawakkul will help to overcome problems in life and leads to happiness in life. Ultimately faith leads to Jannah.

Without faith is just like a brain dead human. No faith in Allaah leads to meaningless life. Faithless life leads to negativity. Negativity leads to sins. Sins lead to hell fire. Faith decreases by increasing of sin.In this world evil and fitnah, increase of faith becomes a challenge. Eman should be taken care as we take care of cloth in the rugged path. Prophet said in a hadith

"Faith wears out in the heart of any one of you just as clothes wear out, so ask Allah to renew the faith in your hearts." (Reportedby al-Haakim )

This workshop will enlighten on Belief in Allaah and its impact in daily life in various dimensions.It will also help in increasing of Eman in Allaah and prevents us decreasing of Eman in Allaah. It will identify the causes of decrease in eman in various spheres of life. It will provide practical solution to increase the eman . This workshop will help us to charge our Eeman.

Learning Outcome

  • To be aware of  the importance of Belief
  • To be realize the impact of belief in day to day life
  • To know the sources of belief
  • To know the Islamic Perspective of belief
  • To know causes behind the increases and decrease of one's belief
  • To know how to increase the belief