The Last Brick

Give yourself a Treat! Take yourself on a Ride! From your computer's desk, travel all the way into the deserts of Arabia through the chilly night and sand storms. Witness the atrocities and inhumane nature. Before you sadden your face, look at the giant Mount Hira where Muhammad(sallaalahu alayhi wassallam) turns into a Prophet with Jibreel(alayhis salaam) coming down with revelation "Iqraa"!

Give your Eeman a Boost!!! From there, learn the Da'wah of the Great Man at different levels!!! Get closer and witness again the transformation of an illiterate barbaric nation into nation of Torch bearers!!

Don't stop there, Immerse yourself! Stop at wherever the journey of Muhammad(sallaalahu alayhi wassallam) and his companions stopped and study their milestones. Subhanallah, private Da'wah to public Da'wah, Darul Arqam to Abysinnian Hijrah, Umar to Hamza accepting Islaam and so on.

When you walk out of the classroom, you would wonder why you have to be transported back to the emptiness of this modern world, devoid of noble Prophet and his companions.

Don't get depressed, take Muhammad's(sallaalahu alayhi wassallam) legacy and enlighten this world with it.

Give yourself a Treat!

Come and immerse yourself in Illume Academy's exclusive two day workshop on the Seerah of Muhammad(sallaalahu alayhi wassallam) - Makkan Period

"The Last Brick"

Why should you attend?

  • If you claim, you really love Muhammad(sallaalahu alayhi wassallam)
  • If you truly believe, Muhammad(sallaalahu alayhi wassallam) is your role Model
  • If you acknowledge, this World needs change
  • If you want to develop a positive attitude.

What you would get?

  • Well organized presentation
  • Different experience of learning
  • Course Handout
  • Colourful Action Advice
  • Access to online forums
  • Credit Points

"Option is yours: In the age of Reel Models, time for you to learn about your Role Model or stay as a herd"

Workshop Rules and Regulations