Da'wah Accelerator - 100 Miles/hr

You are a Muslim!

Alhamdulillaah! You are in one of two situations - You have either accepted Islaam or you were born as a Muslim. If the latter is the case, then some of your ancestors accepted Islaam at some point of time. How did they accept Islaam? Were they doing nothing about Islaam or did they work towards it? Either way, someone definitely worked hard to pass the message of Islaam to them. Who was that someone? An ordinary Man or a Companion of the Prophet? From which part of the world did he come? What language did he speak in? Whatever the case, he was one among those Millions who received the Message of Islaam from the Prophet. So how many people passed the message of Islaam this way? Millions... Billions... or Trillions? The fact still remains that You are a Muslim because some Muslim did his job of giving Da'wah!

Don't you want this to happen to your fellow non-Muslim friends?Are you going to leave them when you know their destination is hell if they don't accept Islaam? Your answer would be "NO!"

Then.. the answer has to be "YES" to Da'wah.

Illume Academy Presents

"Da'wah Accelerator - 100 Miles/hr"

A unique Training course on giving Da'wah

Let us accelerate the Da'wah Engine! Gzzz!

This course is for those...

  • Who have no idea about da'wah
  • Who have a passion for da'wah but have no direction
  • Who want to safeguard themselves and others from Hell fire
  • Who want to get enormous rewards in an easy way

What you will get in this course

  • Realization of importance of da'wah
  • Clear focussed guidance to become a da'ee of Allaah
  • Concise notes and other da'wah tools
  • Confidence and projects to involve and grow in da'wah

What is 'Sooo' special about this course?

  • Practical - You can start your Da'wah straight away (no more wait for the stage to give a Public talk)
  • Coverage - Covers Da'wah to non Muslims, Muslims, Parents, relatives, neighbors and so on
  • Solid Foundation - not just techniques but all necessary knowledge for Da'wah
  • Beneficial points from almost all popular international Da'wah programmes
  • Da'wah Roadmap for every student
  • Post Follow up system
  • Da'wah projects to practically apply what students have learnt
  • Apart from all, everything in Illume's Teaching Methodology

Good News or Bad News!

  • This course is not just for everyone. It is only for the Special people. Yes the chosen 50 insha Allaah. To filter out and identify the serious students, we have changed our usual "Register Now!" to "Apply Now!"
  • Yes, once you submit your application, you will get to know whether you are selected for the course or not .

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