The Depressed

  • This life is a test and we will be tested in those things that we love / desire the most - Our family, relationships, career, health, business etc.

    Ibn al-Jawzi said, "If this dunya was not a station of tests it would not be filled with sicknesses and filth. If life was not about hardship, then the Prophets and the pious would have lived the most comfortable of lives…”

    Some are able to get through the test and overcome all hardships, but some are just unable to do so. Their life turns upside-down and they start to drown in their sorrows & disappointments – engulfed by sadness, anxiety and depression, they feel helpless and are unable to overcome and move on in life.

    People who are going through such emotional chaos, feel as though life is stuck and has come to a stand-still. Initially, they:

    •Lose interest in activities that were once enjoyable

    •Feel Sad

    •Have a sense of detachment from reality

    •Feel Hopeless

    •Fatigue – Loss of energy

    •Changes in sleep schedule

    •Have Suicidal thoughts

    In today’s scenario, young people are most affected by anxiety & depression, however, no one is immune to this. Irrespective of age, gender, background, faith etc everyone is prone to this.

    Did you Know? India is the most depressed country in the world followed by China and USA – WHO, 2018

    The Good news is that it is treatable, you can overcome and lead a happy life. The bad news is that due to ignorance many are unaware of the right solutions and due to stigma, many more don’t even seek any help. Instead, during such a desperate state people end up seeking haram means to solve their problem, taking them away from their Lord and worsening their situation.

    Join us in this unique workshop on Anxiety and Depression in the light of the Qur'an, sunnah and modern science.

    What will you Learn?

    •Islamic and Scientific Perspectives, Strategies and Solutions

    •Build Tawakkul in Allaah and Getting closer to Him

    •Understanding and Coping with Anxiety & Depression

    •Preventive Measures

    •Recognizing and defeating Negative Thinking and Emotions

    •Motivation and building Emotional Resilience

    Who can attend?

    •Those who going through mild to moderate levels of anxiety or depression

    •Those who have a feeling that they might be prone to such issues and want to learn preventive measures.

    •Helpers / Family Members whose loved ones are struggling with anxiety and depression.

    •Muslim Counsellors and Psychology Students – to get an Islamic Perspective

    •Da’ee and social workers – to get the Scientific Perspective


    If you are under medical treatment for severe depression, kindly note that this workshop is NOT a substitute for your ongoing medical treatments; however, it would help you understand, motivate and cope with your existing condition & symptoms in a better way.

  • Nisar Ahmed Shariff

    Psychologist, Certified Expert Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner, and Advanced Life Coach, with around 25 years of experience in IT, Training and Education sector, has played key roles in various positions of

    leadership in corporate organizations and actively involved in multiple social initiatives/projects.

    He is very closely involved with children of all ages and youth – constantly nurturing and building their character and bringing out the leader within them.

    • CEO – Unity Group of Schools

    • Founder of vLead Academy for Leadership – with a vision to build authentic leaders in our

    Ummah, taking lessons from the Qur’an and Sunnah, based on the real role models from our

    Islamic Heritage.

    • Pursuing his BA in Islamic Studies from Knowledge International University, Saudi Arabia.

    • Currently Designing/ Authoring Value Education Books for school children.

    • Training over 1000 children on leadership skills each year.

    • Counselling individuals, couples / family.

    • Coaching individuals to reach their true potential

    • Guiding / Training Teachers and School Leadership teams.

    • Diverse experience in

    • Leadership, Coaching, Mentoring, Counselling

    • Education, Training, Competency & Course development

    • Business Management

    • Process Consulting & Improvement

    • Program, Project & Change Management

    • Strategic Initiatives

    • Setting up Center of Excellence

    • Event Management

    Da’ee / Khateeb / Motivational Lectures / Short-Talks

    · Ramadan Get-Set-Go

    · Sky is the Limit

    · Return to your Lord - Tawbah

    · Do not Envy (Al-Hasad)

    · Tools of Obedience - Patience & Gratitude

    · At-Taqwa

    · The Love of Allah

    • Workshops:

    · Beautiful Names of Allah

    · Getting Closer to Allah

    · The Eye of The Storm – Conflict Management for Couples

    · The differentiator - 2-Day Workshop on the Life of Umar ibn Al-Khattab (RA)

    · The Lost Shepherd – A Parenting workshop

    · Self-Discipline

    · Communications Skills for College Students

    · i-Teacher, a teacher training program for Islamic teachers