The Qur’an is the first source of knowledge for our ummah. The Quran is the actual speech of Allah, the greatest of miracles given to our beloved Prophet, the greatest of miracles given to any nation. The Quran remains unchallenged in its eloquence, its language, its beauty, its claims, its knowledge and wisdom. It captures the attention of anyone who reads it. It intrigues, excites, inspires and even challenges the mind. The repetition of it doesn’t dull the senses rather it makes faith grow. The more a person reads it, understands it, the more he yearns for it. It’s a book which cannot be ignored. 

The Prophet (pbuh) said, “the best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it to others” 

Uthman (rad) said, ““if our hearts were indeed pure, it would never grow tired from the words of our Lord”

Such was the love the salaf had for the Quran many of them would recite it entirely in one night while praying.

What is our relationship with the Quran? Where are we with the words of our Lord? Do we treat it with the respect it deserves or do we treat like it’s just another book? 

Let us make a small beginning in our journey towards understanding the Quran. Let us begin a relationship with the book of Allah.