Illume's Method

After extensive research and under the guidance of scholars, we have formulated a 3 - step method to accomplish this noble task insha Allaah.

  1. Focused Workshops
  2. Innovative Teaching Methodology
  3. Student Oriented approach

Focused Workshops

The focused workshops of IlLuMe are based on the teachings of the Qur'aan and the Sunnah.

This result oriented approach, learning what those successful people of the past had imbibed, will pay the fruit, Insha Allaah.

In IlLuMe, we promise, it will not be just another day in class, Insha Allaah.

Insha Allaah, you are going to realize how our instructors organize contents in a very systematic manner, keeping in mind the intensity of the subject at hand and the limited attention span of the youth and their diverse backgrounds.

Innovative Teaching Methodology

Haven't you ever felt frustrated at the outdated, boring teaching methods adopted by our schools and colleges?

And felt the need to demolish this system of teaching…

As a victim of this 'Conventional' (Colonial) teaching method, didn't you feel stifled and not allowed to think?

The IlLuMe method is the change you have dreamed of.


IlLuMe Teaching Techniques:

In IlLuMe, you are going to be thrilled by the usage of the number of effective teaching techniques to meet TACT REAL teaching objectives.

Check out for yourself…

Teching TechniquesIlLuMe classes are going to revolutionize your way of Learning, Thinking and make you successful in whatever you learn, irrespective of the sciences. 

Aha! This is where you say "IlLuMe is where I wanna be!"

Youth Oriented

IlLuMe's courses, activities and everything are designed based on the needs of Youth. We understand what youth really need and want.

Modular Workshops

Modular WorkshopsIlLuMe recognizes the busy life style of today's youth; its focused workshops are designed as Modules. This modular style of workshop increases time effectiveness and allows the student to take any class, anytime, anywhere. Further, IlLuMe workshops are designed in such a way that it will not mandate any pre-requisite knowledge from its students. You are going to be amazed at how much you can learn in one day or two, and get benefited from it forever life long, Insha Allaah

Life Coaching

You may have attended many courses that will make you successful in this world. Have you ever attended any course that will facilitate your way to Paradise? As directed by the Qur'aan and Sunnah? IlLuMe attempts to merge these two under one single roof via its Focused Workshops.

In addition to enlightening, invaluable Islaamic crucial sciences, IlLuMe teaches Soft Skills like Time Management, Negotiation skills, Communication skills, Decision Making, Problem solving, Critical Analysis, Leading the Situation and so on.

Insha Allaah, when you attend these courses, you are going to jump up and tell us that these concepts are already present in the examples of Muhammad (s) and in his companions.

At that time, what else can we say, except, "You are right!" -   And you have chosen right. The right path to this knowledge.

In view of the different dimensions and the focus of IlLuMe's workshops and activities, we are delighted to call IlLuMe a Life Coaching Programme for youth.