The Road Less Travelled

His Islaam was an opening, his Hijrah was victory and his reign was mercy - Ibn Masood(ra)"There were muhaddathun in the previous nations and if there would be muhaddathun in this Ummah it would be Umar"

How much do you know the man who is the Furqaan?

  • Man who was inspired by Allaah
  • Man whose intuition is right
  • One who speaks the truth, and the truth naturally flows from his tongue.

What can you learn from his life and mirror in yours Today.

This is not a Companions' Seerah workshop. It is not a LIFE workshop but a LIFE SKILLS workshop.

Do you have trouble with Patience? Learn Patience from the Life of Umar(ra).

How about waking up for FAJR. Learn from the Life of Umar(ra).

  • Learn about Umar(ra)'s Islam, his Jahiliyah and the rise of one the greatest man Khalifas of Islaam.
  • Learn about the Door of the Fitnah, that broke.

Umar(ra) was a Zahid (aesthetic) - Umar(ra)'s command to his governors, "Take off your costly clothes, and  don this dress of a shepherd. Till further orders you have to look after the camels in this pasture".

Learn how Umar(ra) dealt with the sword of Allaah, Khalid bin al Waleed(ra).

Lessons from the relationship between the Companions of Rasulullaah(ra).

Learn about the life that is worth learning.

Come join us for the workshop on life of the great Umar bin al Khattab(ra).

Workshop Rules and Regulations