The Differentiator

Imagine if 'Umar(ra) is ruling the world today

  • Political leaders would ensure corruption is eradicated
  • Recruitment would be based on Taqwa & skills
  • People would not get old waiting for justice
  • The Poor Jews and Christians would get stipend
  • Missiles would be fired for Justice and not for invasion
  • Governors would be on the streets on night patrol
  • You might witness a surprise visit by the Leader
  • The ministers would be reachable
  • World class infrastructure, schools would be accessible to all
  • Scholars would be paid high salaries

The world would be different

However, 'Umar(ra) is not going to be back

But you can bring back 'Umar(ra) in your life

Learning to differentiate

  • Truth from False
  • Justice from Injustice
  • Equality from Partiality
  • Trust from deception

Transform yourself and create a world of difference

Learn from the man known for his wisdom, knowledge, foresight, sincerity, justice, zuhd (ascetism), piety, strength, simplicity

Illume Academy presents "The Differentiator - 'Umar ibn al-Khattaab(ra)"

What you would get?

An Opportunity

  • To connect yourself to your Glorious History - feel proud to be a Muslim
  • To increase your Love and appreciation of the Sahabah(ra) - for their sincerity, heroism, sacrifices and achievements
  • To Understand the Genius of 'Umar(ra) in Building a Nation and leading the Muslims by example
  • To Clear the misconceptions created by the enemy of Allah(swt) about 'Umar(ra)
  • To Learn the blueprint of success from the life of the companions ('Umar(ra)) so as to implement them in our lives - Take them as Role Models

O' Messenger of Allah(saw), are we not following the truth whether we live or die?" The Messenger of Allah(saw) said, "Yes, indeed. By the One in whose hand is my soul, you are following the truth, whether you live or die." He said: "So why should we hide? By the One who sent you with the truth, you should go out (and preach openely)."

Hurry to book your place to witness the amazing journey through the life and times of 'Ameer al-Mu’mineen al-Farooq 'Umar ibn al-Khattaab(ra).

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