Rule 360

F1 RULES (Fiqh1 Rules)

Start 1... 2... 3...

Get on to your F1 car!!!

Wait for XXX, when the race will begin?

Once the five red lights are ON, it means 9' O clock and the Shaykh will talk?

Cruise with him at high speed, finishing lap after lap?

Your Goal is Goal of Sharee'ah (Maqasid ash Sharee'ah)...

Your circuit is now redefined as Rules of Fiqh (Qawaid al Fiqh)...

Formula is simple, just go for a ride with the Shaykh?

He will make you travel to the lap, where you will visualize behind the scenes of Fatwa and Islamic rulings!!!

He will take you to a rough lap which will exhibit, how Scholars of Islaam work hard before issuing any fatwa!!!

Shaykh will teach you a number of F1 Rules!!!

Similar to Formula in Physics, Axioms in Maths, Clause or case in Law, Maxim in Philosophy, Proverb in Literature or The Universal truth in Life.

Whatever you name it, F1 Rules are something totally unique!!!

We call it -> The Rules of Fiqh or Fiqh 1 Rules?

Screech... You will have pitstops to refuel yourself!

Why should you attend?

  • If you like to widen your intelligence and knowledge about Islaam
  • If you like to understand the greatness and comprehensiveness of our noble Deen
  • If you like to comprehend the hot topic "Fatwa" to the media
  • If you like quench your thirst on how fatwa differs from person to person
  • If you like to learn practical examples of rules of Fiqh
  • If you want to understand why Scholars of Islaam differs in their opinion at times
  • If you wish to learn the general rules before specific rules

If you don't understand, it is not that you cannot understand!!

To Qualify for the F1 Race, Finish your warm up lap