Nikah Nectar

Unlocking the Secrets to a Blissful Marriage

Tailored Workshops for Brothers and Sisters

Join us for a transformative one-day workshop designed exclusively for brothers and sisters, featuring two distinct sessions led by esteemed speakers:

For Brothers (In Urdu):

Speaker: Shaykh Abdul Lateef Madani

Chairman -    Sammaan counseling centre, Manipal, Udupi

Co Founder and MD - Al ibaadah Indian school Manipal, Udupi

For Sisters (In English):

Speaker: Ustadha Juveriya Hayath

Principal - Al ibaadah Indian school Manipal, Udupi

Counsellor - Sammaan counseling centre, Manipal, Udupi

Workshop Highlights:

Understanding Personalization Before Marriage:

Explore the significance of personalization and its prerequisites in the context of marriage.

Benefits of Psychological Preparation:

Discover the advantages of psychological readiness before embarking on the journey of marriage.

Building Relations with Society and Family:

Learn about the profound impact of fostering good relations with society and family members on post-marriage life.

Shariah Status of Marriage:

Delve into the Shariah perspective on the institution of marriage.

Rituals, Traditions, and Myths:

Uncover the rituals and traditions associated with marriage while dispelling common myths.

Manners of Personal Life and Mutual Intimacy:

Gain insights into the etiquettes of personal life and fostering mutual intimacy between spouses.

Facing Unexpected Hurdles:

Learn how to navigate unexpected challenges and maintain consciousness after marriage.

Practical Rules of Mutual Coordination:

Understand practical and golden rules for the harmonious coordination of spouses.

Resolution of Mutual Differences:

Explore the realization, remedy, and resolution of differences between spouses.

Interference from Family Members:

Examine the advantages and disadvantages of positive or negative interference from parents, in-laws, and other family members, along with the right approach.

Mistakes in Spouse Selection:

Understand common mistakes in the selection of a spouse and its Islamic rulings.

Precautions in the Digital Era:

Receive guidance on precautions to be taken in the era of digital and AI in the context of marriage.

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